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What are the scars?

Scars are marks left after healing a wound or injury (after surgery, accidents, burns, acne, psoriasis, chicken pox, etc.).. In some functional impairment cases can leave, according to the severity of the injury. Yet what always bothers the aesthetic is especially if the scar is in a visible area of the body and may interfere person's self esteem.

What are keloids?

Scars are raised, high, shaped irregular and progressive growth. They are the product of a poor recovery of the skin due to the formation excessive collagen during healing. In many sometimes can cause changes in pigmentation.

Keloids are more common in the legs, chest, back, chin, neck, but can appear every body of people prone to scarring. You can try to improve aspect, since the psychological impact is often important.

How can you prevent scarring?

Are prone to poor healing must warn the physician-surgeon to prevent keloids and hypertrophic scars. They are usually use base infiltration of corticosteroids. For topical formulations are based corticosteroids, vitamin E, vitamin A, silicones, etc.To good healing is important to take care of wound from the outset. Sold in the market healing that can be used as soon as your medical decision. Prevent the occurrence of infections during healing. 

What medical treatments are available for brands scars?

Each scar is different, as the reaction she was patient, therefore it should try individually customized. Once formed almost impossible to erase the mark of a scar, but if can improve your appearance, conceal, reduce thickness, to reduce their color.

Surgery may be useful in functional recovery and aesthetics of a scar. However the surgeon who will decide the timing and expectations to effect on the outcome of the intervention.

Lasers, IPL, chemical peels, the Dermabrasion, implants with fillers are other medical treatments to take into account improve the appearance of a scar.


 What are stretch marks?

Atrophic scars are skin in the form of cords pearly white color (old) or red (the most recent). Appear as a result of abnormal fibrogenesis after rupture of the tissue elastic connective tissue. Are more frequent in the wall abdominal, breast, face, outer thighs, hips, buttocks, shoulders.

Why are the stripes?

Often appear related to hormonal changes (Growth during puberty, pregnancy stretch marks, breastfeeding, stretch marks weight loss, excessive corticosteroids, estrogen) in people with tissue conjunctive fragile, prone to break easily. The Stretch marks affect both sexes but are more common in women.

How important is the preventive treatment on stretch marks?

The answer is "yes." Faced with the prospect of a pregnancy, a significant change in body weight or development sharply at puberty, it is important to maintain good with appropriate cosmetic skin elasticity, combined massage and exercise as appropriate. And do not forget about a balanced diet, rich in proteins good quality.

Olga Florea ® Regenerator (gel) and Olga Florea ® Cream Body regenerating bring a new dimension in preventing stretch marks. The active ingredients these formulas, safe and effective, will help you keep your skin smooth, supple and strong, protecting against breakage of the connective tissue. For preventing stretch marks apply these products with a gentle manual massage in the areas of risk. During the pregnancy and lactation limit yourself only to the application of cosmetics, without the aid of any apparatus or lamps infrared. Your skin will thank you.

Is there a treatment for stretch marks?

Aesthetic medicine currently offers certain treatments with limited results based on seniority stretch marks. Early treatment is important for reduce to a minimum of unsightly scars grooves. Medical treatment, long and costly techniques combined with some success mesotherapy, laser IPL, chemical peels (AHA, TCA, retinoic acid) microdermabrasion. The old white-stripes pearly require a more aggressive approach and results so far have been unsatisfactory.

HOW CAN YOU HELP ME Olga Florea ®?

If you want to improve the appearance of scars, keloids, stretch marks already formed, we suggest a program full support for your skin is back in Thus, returning to its density and restructuring its matter. A noninvasive treatment dermocosmético can safely treat a wide surface skin. No surgery, no needles, no painful maneuvers or complications.

Olga Florea ® Regenerative along with Olga Florea ® Cream regenerating body repairing act synergistically damage, restructuring the tissue, firming and restoring the natural appearance of the skin. Results effective complement to Olga Florea ® Serum Germinativo.

The best way to supplement these applications products is assisted by technical devices (Terrapias transdermal diathermy, ultrasound etc).

The proposed protocol includes 5 sessions per week attack, followed by 5 biweekly and monthly 1 session maintenance until results are achieved satisfactory. The results came quickly.

In between sessions should be performed continuously implementation of treatment as the prospects that with the products.

Application by the application does not exclude devicescreams daily.

Home treatment is essential!

Do not forget: the regeneration of the skin is a process slow. The first results are typically after a month of constant application. You need 3-6 months or more for some changes satisfactory, depending on the degree of deterioration skin, the alterations dela old skin, etc.

The key to success is your PROOF.

Check the seller's profit associated with chemical peels, IPL etc.