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Hair regeneration

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Treatment with bio-peptides that slows down the fall of the hair and promotes strong, healthy growth

Question frecentes about the loss of hair

What is there to know?

The hair growth is governed by the so-called follicular cycle, consisting of three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (cessation of growth) and telogen (rest of mature hair). Both the structure of the hair and its physiology are different in each of these phases. The duration of each phase varies according to the body area (for the hard anagen hair 2-6 years, while the single telogen 3-6 months); each follicle is your cycle individually, independent of the other follicles in the area, and can co-exist in the same area follicles in various stages of growth.

The density of follicles in a zone is much larger than the hairs emerged at a time in the same. The total number of hair follicles is determined genetically.

Is it normal to have a daily hair fall?

If normally lose 20-30 hairs every day. It is a natural and physiological loss whose amount varies depending on the time of the year. In mild alopecia can be lost 60-70 hairs a day and in severe forms will reach 200-300 hairs a day.

That factors interfere with the growth of the hair?

genetic factors: influence on the distribution, thickness, quantity, colour, tendency to certain alterations (Hypertrichosis, HIRSUTISM, androgen alopecia)

metabolic and local factors: is shown that both excess and lack of certain nutrients influence the onset of alopecia (iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamins of Group B, certain amino acids such as methionine, cysteine and tryptophan). Also the seborrhoea, certain medications, permanents, dyes and lacquers for the hair, can increase the loss of hair. However all those factors that increase the local capillary metabolism heat (masaje…) favouring the growth of the hair.

hormonal factors: several hormones are involved in the vitality of hair, but the most important are the androgens. The increase in androgens in women is associated with virilization (HIRSUTISM, thick skin, acne, alopecia of the scalp, etc.).

emotional factors: stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, depressive States, may increase the loss of hair (in extreme cases it can lead to alopecia areata).

What types of disorders of the hair growth there is?

Hypertrichosis-means an excess of growth of the hair, amount and thickness, anywhere in the body. It can be generalized or located, congenital or acquired.

Hirsutism - means excessive development of hair length, amount and thickness in areas of the body where the presence of the hair (face, chest...) is normal. Their cause is hormonal (pituitary, ovary, adrenal) or iatrogenic (drugs such as anabolic steroids, glucocorticoids, etc.).

Alopecia-progressive loss of hair in an area where previously existed. They are usually classified into non-cicatricial (when persist the hair follicles) and scar (death of the follicle bulb).

Where should I go?

 For any disorder consult with your doctor. It is the only one able to establish the diagnosis and adequate treatment.

Make your own hair plan

To maintain healthy hair you should take care of it with maximum attention, especially after periods with higher capillary stress, as the summer, when the climatic factors (the Sun, the salt of the sea, the wind) can damage it. Aggressive treatment of hairdresser also require dedication to the care of day to day for the hair.

Usually, after all these attacks, hair becomes brittle and dry, loses the natural shine and increases its fall.

For dry and damaged hair hygiene use a gentle shampoo for damaged hair. If you have a greasy hair care cosmetic topics help keep at Bay the Seborrhea and dandruff; Why use appropriate shampoos and lotions antiseborreicas and queratolíticas (check with your doctor or pharmacist). In the market you will find prepared specific with sulfur, salicylic acid, Resorcine. 

Remember: the hygiene is very important to healthy hair! 

Olga Florea ® Capillary Regenerator is a proposal of active and efficient treatment against falling hair, with the condition to be applied consistently for months. In this way helps to reduce the rate of loss of hair and even favors a remarkable regeneration.

And don't forget to healthy living: less stress, more exercise in the open air and a balanced diet, avoiding coffee, alcohol and tobacco (see metabolic and local factors that interfere with the growth of the hair).