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Dry flaky skin

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What is there to know?

Full skin is a very effective barrier. This function is the stratum corneum, which acts as a barrier to the moisture, climatic factors, micro-organisms, chemical substances.

Daily aggressions can reduce the concentration of water in the superficial layer of the skin, at the same time altering the normal desquamation of the same. A Sebaceous secretion reduced together with the decline of the Intraepidermal lipids (fatty acids, ceramides, cholesterol) increase the losses of water in the skin.

 The result is a restless, dry, scaly, skin dehydrated, rough and subdued. If no action is taken the skin gradually loses its elasticity, increases the scaling, occurring at the same time sensitivity, irritation and sensation of tension.

When to get the status of dry skin?

 The tendency to "dry skin" is accentuated with age, hormonal disorders, unbalanced diets and malnutrition, improper contact of the skin with powerful chemicals, solvents, detergents, soaps, ges of shower, etc.), climatic factors (abuse of the Sun, extreme cold, etc.)

There are many conditions that have extreme skin dryness (psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis). They are fine and reactive, highly sensitive and difficult to treat, skins where appropriate cosmetic treatment can alleviate and complement the medical treatment of Fund. It is the doctor who must diagnose and address the treatment in all these cases.

Can cosmetics help me?

 Generally the cosmetics can help. In all cases of "dry skin" need a special day care until the complete resolution of the inconvenience. To keep the water in the stratum corneum of the skin and prevent its evaporation are needed good moisturizers and emollients incorporated in moisturizing cosmetics. A well hydrated skin becomes soft and smooth, elastic and strong at the same time, with a healthy and youthful appearance.

As it avoids the dryness of the skin?

 Avoid the use of soaps and shower gels aggressive, limiting skin contact with detergents (use protective gloves), avoid prolonged contact with very hot or very cold water, avoid excessive Sun baths. Healthy living with a diet balanced (limiting the consumption of coffee, alcohol, tobacco.

Do to choose products Olga Florea ® ?

For dryness of the skin problems we recommend especially Olga Florea ® dry, scaly skin. A unique formula of daily use in various alterations of the skin: extreme dryness, peeling, cracked skin. Usually improvement is evident from the first week of constant application. As usual body cream fight dryness, calm and regenerates the skin. Olga Florea ® Dry flaky skin is recommended in any case that requires nurture, restore and protect the skin.

For alterations very localized and particularly annoying, the recovery will be faster by combining with Olga Florea ® Serum germinative. In the face we advise also by its highly regenerating actions Olga Florea ® Cream anti-age-regenerating intensive and wrinkle (as night cream) and Olga Florea ® C ream regenerating - moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing (as a day cream).


Security:   Contains No drugs or potentially harmful or toxic substances. The risk is limited to a prior sensitivity to any of its components.

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